Latin mass, op. 29

for soloists, choir and orchestra

Composed: 1984/1985


4 soloists (SATB), 4-part mixed choir (SATB), 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 bassoon, 1 trumpet (Bb), string orchestra (14-12-10-8-6, as well smaller)

Duration (total): 42:30

(1st = 7:00; 2nd = 10:00; 3rd = 10:30; 4th = 8:30; 5th = 6:30)


The mass was written on the basis of a (German) composition competition. The instrumentation (e.g. winds only single) was given.

»» see also: Missa Latina, op.36

5 movements:

Alex. Villinger: Latin mass, op. 29

1st: Kyrie: Andante sostenuto quasi larghetto

2nd: Gloria: Allegro, mit Swing

3rd: Credo: Allegro assai

4th: Sanctus: Andante maestoso e molto solenne

5th: Agnus Dei: Andante con molta espressione


● the Latin texts of the Catholic liturgy


● Warmly dedicated to Margarita Jonietz


AlexiSongs (»» extract from: score)


Latin Mass, op.29

We are still looking for an unbiased orchestra or a young maestro who has the courage (!) to premiere the 'Latin mass' ...!