Rain on tin eyes, SV. 46

Composed: 1989


Vocals, mixed choir, saxophone (tenor), Bach trumpet (D), lead guitar, acoustic guitar(s), 2 keyboards, drums & percussion


The song uses a passage from the "Brandenburg concerto #5", (BWV 1050), by J.S. Bach

Duration: 6:30

Alex. Villinger: Rain on tin eyes, SV.46

Style: rock ballad

Lyrics: Martin C. Davies (»» lyrics)

Musicians (sound recording):

THE PC ORCHESTRA: Alex. Villinger: acoustic guitar; Ricardo Tomás: lead guitar; Günther Ling: keyboards; Richard Samoth: drums, percussion; Alexandre Tomás: saxophone (tenor); special guests: Tom Ander: trumpet (D); Liv: vocals; Liv, Xandé, Günther: choir

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● homage to Johann Sebastian Bach


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