Whit Monday, SV. 63

Composed: 1992


● Original instrumentation: saxophone (tenor), lead guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, piano, keyboards, bass, drums & percussion

● Modified arrangement (for the line-up of JAQUEIRA, see below): saxophone (tenor), acoustic guitar, percussion

Duration: 5:00

Alex. Villinger: Whit Monday. SV.63


latin jazzrock (original); Bossa nova (modified arrangement)

Recording musicians:

THE PC ORCHESTRA: Alex. Villinger: acoustic guitar, bass; Ricardo Tomás: electric lead guitar; Günther Ling: piano/keyboards (violin); Richard Samoth: drums, percussion; Alexandre Tomás: saxophone (tenor)

Audio sample:


● to Brigitte Oliveira

World premiere:

● October 3rd, 1996

Place of premiere:

● Open-air concert - on the occasion of the German National Day - in the garden of the residence of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Lisbon

Premiere musicians:

JAQUEIRA: Walter Kovacs: saxophone (tenor); Alex. Villinger: acoustic guitar; Falk Röske: percussion


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