Vallis Aquae, SV. 251

- Homenagem ao Alentejo -

Composed: 2023


Trombone, lead guitar, 2 acoustic guitars (or more), piano, keyboards, bass, drums & percussion

Duration: 5:00

Alex. Villinger: Vallis Aquae, SV.251

Style: jazzrock ballad / waltz

Recording musicians:

THE PC ORCHESTRA: Alex. Villinger: acoustic guitars, bass; Ricardo Tomás: lead guitar; André Lerigue: piano & keyboards; Richard Samoth: drums & percussion; special guest: Sam Reht: trombone

Audio sample:

Note on the ballad: the "intermezzo" (guitar and trombone) quotes the solo part from my Black Forest ballad The rays of the sun ...


Homage to the village of Vale de Água, in Alentejo


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