Concerto for vibraphone and orchestra, op. 34

Composed: 1986


Vibraphone (solo), 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 cor anglais, 1 clarinet (Bb), 1 saxophone (tenor), 2 bassoons, 2 horns (F), percussion, stringed instruments (18-16-14-12-10)

Duration (total): 28:00

(1st = 12:00 [without improvisation/cadence]; 2nd = 8:30; 3rd = 7:00)

»» see also: the concertos for trombone or saxophone: op. 25 or op. 28

3 movements:

Alex. Villinger: Concerto for vibraphone and orchestra, op.34

1st: Nostalgic reminiscences: Allegro moderato

Note on the 1st movement: the music plays with the typical and well-known motifs and phrases of the "classical" sonata form, as can be found or heard everywhere in most concertos from Haydn to Mozart to Beethoven and - to some extent - still in Schubert.

2nd: Ballad for MdCL: Andante drammatico

3rd: Song for a lady: Allegro ritmico

Note on the 3rd movement: a boisterous finale in 5/8 time with two improvisational passages for the vibraphonist over an orchestral "groove/riff". A passage in 7/8 time from the third movement of my Concerto for trombone and orchestra, op.25, appears as an original quotation.


● Warmly dedicated to Maria da Conceição Lucas


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Concertos for solo instrument and orchestra II

We are still looking for an unbiased orchestra or a young maestro who has the courage (!) to premiere the 'Vibraphone Concerto' ...!