Sinfonia piccola, op. 32

for string orchestra

Composed: 1985/1986

Instrumentation: see subtitle

(if possible: big string orchestra: 18-16-14-12-10)

Duration (total): 35:00

(1st = 10:00; 2nd = 7:00; 3rd = 7:00; 4th = 11:00)

»» see also: Sinfonia piccola II, op. 47 and the two works from the jazzrock genre: Kleine Rock-Symphonie Nr.1, SV. 38 and Kleine Rock-Symphonie Nr.2, SV. 52

4 movements:

Alex. Villinger: Sinfonia piccola, op. 32

1st: Allegro con slancio - sehr "rockig"


watch our video on this movement:

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2nd: Marcia funebre: Adagio malinconico

3rd: Andante con moto (Homage to Joseph Haydn)

4th: Allegro con spirito


● warmly dedicated to Regina Wittemeier


AlexiSongs (»» extract from: score)


Symphonic works (vol. I)

We are still looking for an unbiased orchestra or a young maestro who has the courage (!) to premiere the 'Sinfonia piccola' ...!