Sinfonia piccola II, op. 47

for orchestra

Composed: 2002


String orchestra, solo violin, solo violoncello, trumpet (Bb) and percussion

Duration (total): 38:00

(1st = 16:30; 2nd = 8:00; 3rd = 5:30; 4th = 8:00)

»» see also: Sinfonia piccola, op. 32 and the two works from the jazzrock genre: Kleine Rock-Symphonie Nr.1, SV. 38 and Kleine Rock-Symphonie Nr.2, SV. 52

4 movements:

Alex. Villinger: Sinfonia piccola II, op.47

1st: Largo espressivo - Allegro ma non troppo

2nd: Handle with care ...: Adagio (Homage to Georg Friedrich Händel)

Annotation on the 2nd movement: embedded in this lyrical-melancholic movement is the central theme of the ADAGIO from Händel's concerto for organ and orchestra in D minor, op. 7 No.4, arranged by me for the soloist trio: trumpet, violin and violoncello plus very reduced percussion.

3rd: With a little help from B & G ...: Largo espressivo - Andante con moto (Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach)

Annotation on the 3rd movement: it is a paraphrase of the choral by J.S. Bach: "Hilf, Gott, dass mir's gelinge" (Help, God, that I may succeed) ...

4th: Allegretto scintillante - motto: It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing ...!

Annotation on the 4th movement: the focus of the final movement is on the three soloists with their virtuoso passages, conceived as chamber music, over a constant orchestral "groove" (with "walking bass"). Corresponding passages in Beethoven's Triple Concerto, op. 56 served as a model for the concertizing instruments. Duke Ellington's maxim - see motto - perfectly describes the ambition of this movement!


● to the Italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu


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We are still looking for an unbiased orchestra or a young maestro who has the courage (!) to premiere the 'Sinfonia piccola II'...!