Musica tristis - contra terrorem externum, op. 45

for orchestra

Composed: 2001/2002


String orchestra, 1 clarinet (Bb), 1 bass clarinet and percussion

Duration (total): 37:00

(1st = 8:30; 2nd = 10:30; 3rd = 11:30; 4th = 6:30)


Musical reflections in four movements on the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, in New York.

4 movements:

Alex. Villinger: Musica tristis, op.45

1st: Duae turres - Allegro moderato

Annotation on the 1st movement: a musical description of the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York.

2nd: 110901: in memoriam victimarum innocentium terroris immanis - Marcia funebre: Andante

Annotation on the 2nd movement: paraphrase/variations on a theme by W.A. Mozart (from The Magic Flute) with varied quotations of the "two towers" from the 1st movement.

3rd: Post atrocitatem - Andante con moto

Annotation on the 3rd movement: the "aftermath" of the terror attacks in 13 or 21 musical images (e.g. VIIIª imago = finis innocentiae) with the inclusion of various quotations: e.g. the central theme from "New York, New York" (by John Kander) or a paraphrase of the American national anthem.

4th: Ultimus dies - Allegro ma non troppo

Annotation on the 4th movement: this is a paraphrase of the chorale by J.S. Bach: "Es wird schier der letzte Tag herkommen" (The last day will come - German text by Michael Weiße, 1488-1534), incorporating motivic-thematic material from the "two towers" from the 1st movement.


● Homage to the City of New York


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We are still looking for an unbiased orchestra or a young maestro who has the courage (!) to premiere the 'Musica tristis' ...!